martedì 22 dicembre 2009

The alphabet

A-Apple-I like apples

B-bycicle-I usually ride bycicle

C-children-I love children

D-dog-my dog's name's Black

E-English-I like English language

F-frendship-I love frendship are beautiful feelings

G-I'm a genius

H-My hair cut and perfect

I- I introduce myself to you

J-I like Jokes

K-Kend-Luca are kind

L-I like pizza

M-I make up magic and perfect

N-I'm nature freak

O- Cristian is opposit to Luca

P-My purpose is to play football

Q-I'm quote

R-When are you Ready?

S-My friend Piero is slim

T-I like hobby tennis


V-Zebra my favourite animal

W-I like walking

X-I like "2012" film

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